5Rhythms Dallas with Mati Vargas-Gibson


5Rhythms Movement meditation

Mati Vargas-Gibson

Mati has always been in love with dance... learning ballet, folk, flamenco, and belly dance since an early age. In 1998 she discovered 5Rhythms™ Moving Meditation and began traveling the dancing path under the tutelage of Gabrielle Roth, Jonathan Horan, Kathy Altman, Lori Saltzman, Andrea Juhan, and many other 5Rhythms teachers in New York, California, Chicago, The Esalen Institute, Canada, etc.  She has always been fascinated by body-mind techniques and has complemented her learning and experiences with other body awareness methods, such as SoulMotion™, Feldenkrais™, Authentic Movement™, Gestalt Movement Therapy, Yoga, Pilates, Sufi Whirling, ecstatic dance, and trance dance.


She completed 5Rhythms™ Teacher Training in 2008 and is now a member of the International 5Rhythms Teacher’s Association, currently teaching regularly in North Texas, Illinois, and Mexico. Her favorite part of facilitating the practice is using music as medicine to support the dance and then presencing the unique way each dancer's spirit dives into freedom of movement and awakens into joy, spontaneity, expression, and creativity.


Mati grew up in Mexico in a family full of music, art, and teachers, and has lived in the US since 1978. As the only Mexican teacher of 5Rhythms™, one of her main interests is to promote this marvelous practice in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries, so they can become part of the international 5Rhythms™ community that has been growing and expanding for more than forty years in Europe, the United States, Australia, Israel and South America.


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Mati has a Masters of Arts in History from Northeastern University, Boston and Masters of Fine Arts, in Glass from Southern Illinois University. Her studies and art making have always been guided by her interest and fascination in the relationship between the body and creative expression using movement, meditation, and the language of intuition, symbol, visual culture and archetypal and transpersonal psychology.


She has also been a freelance translator and interpreter since 1985.